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Our History 


Our history begins in 2011, with the foundation of InCore Technology Company in Amman Jordan. A company that Started to revolutionize how the big corporations and small company’s all the way down to regular Clients view technology, the company tried to provide full security solution that will cover all the requirements that will be given by a client regardless of its size.

 the second subsidiary was established out of necessity after the ever expanding social media market that was serviced by InCore Technology demanded a third dimension so InCore studios was born and at that moment InCore Corp was established to Manage the needs and the fast expanding of the two companies, InCore Studios quickly gained success with successful deals with big corporations such as Disney and Warner bros.



2013 marked the birth of InCore Arts and the Opening of our Santa Monica Branch in the United States, InCore Arts Proved to be the perfect partner with InCore Studios to cover the creative needs of our Clients Which Started from simple logos to more advance Creations Such as corporate identity’s.


 InCore Security joined the Group to Provide a more Hands on Security to cover the Full circle of security that was already serviced by InCore Technology and it grow inn 2015 to provide security upgrades for Homes and Vehicles.

With the start of 2015 our latest subsidiary was added to the group with the establishing of InCore Events a subsidiary that plans and manage corporate meetings and high profile business events and continues to grow to cover more types of events such as weddings and Governmental events.


InCore Corp arrived at this stage of rapid expansion and upgrade because of the outstanding services and quality it provides and a long list of satisfied clients because of the experienced employees and crew that ensure that quality.

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