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“Upgrades your life” that’s the moto of InCore Technology a subsidiary of InCore Corp that Provides Technological services and High-Tech Products since 2011.
Partnering with market leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, HP and Many more to Bring the latest technology to Clients all over Jordan and the United States, also with Distribution Deals with some of the best brands and products such as Digilock, Huviron, Nabco and the list goes on.
InCore Technology will bring you to the future whether in your business to stay on top of your competition or in your home to make your life easier we are there for you.

Since 2014 InCore Security have been handling the safety of VIP’s and the society elite, and providing services such as armoring vehicles, securing venues homes and events security.
In an age where security is an issue InCore Security utilizes the latest technology’s and equipment’s with the best trained security personal you can find to have your back, InCore Security services expand beyond simple escorting we provide a total solution we provide total security.
Our clients include famous celebrities, Art galleries, politicians and Businessmen InCore Security is always there to ensure that you have peace of mind and enjoy your life.
Due to the sensitive nature of the clients we can’t include them in the profile.

The Multimedia subsidiary of InCore Corp established in 2012 can make your imagination comes to life, InCore Studios holds a team of the best movie makers in the middle-east armed with the best equipment available, working on Hollywood titles such as “Transformers”, “the Martian” and “Kajaki” and on documentary’s for some of the prominent names in the industry National Geographic and CNN you can rest assured that your imagination is perfectly presented.
Release your imagination and leave the rest to us.

InCore Events is one of the leading event planning company’s in the Region established in 2015 as a special events planning company for corporate events and meetings.
Our corporate meeting planners produce events both domestically and globally for our clients in a variety of industries, including technology, marine, pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, commercial real estate, consumer product, retail and investment banking.
You can rely on us to make everything run smoothly and perfectly.

The Creative Subsidiary of InCore Corp was established in 2013 to cover the internal needs of the group, from designs to a full branding solution, the subsidiary quickly gained momentum to become a service provider to some of the largest corporations in the world.
The company that covers the creative needs of any company from a simple logo design, localization of programs to upgrading the entire corporate identity, we are the Creative destination of any company that is looking to enhance and upgrade its image or product.

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